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It’s a love story, really. Which is how all good stories begin.

And so it is with Chenault Vineyards—the lovechild of proprietors, and husband and wife team, Becky and Ed Chenault. The Chenault Family has a combined wealth of professional experience in luxury properties and restauranteurs, and Chenault Vineyards represents the marrying of their complementary talents, in a place they love—the rolling green hills of Central Kentucky.

Here they have brought together a team of hospitality pros who share their love of this place. A farm family. A vineyard ripe with people who love people and love what they do—ready to welcome you.

We are a husband and wife team, Ed and Becky Chenault. We continue to pursue the things in life that bring us joy—family, friends and building the community around us. As we reflect on the past and think about the future, our hearts are filled with gratitude and genuine love for this amazing journey that we share with all of you.” – Ed & Becky

Now, just two years after opening their doors to the public, they strive to find new ways to reinvent the land and its venues to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. They’ve designed a place folks can land and take it easy with a plate of good food and a glass of delicious wine. It’s a stunning choice for a beautiful outdoor wedding or a simple but elegant get-together.

They’ve painstakingly restored the Silver Creek Barn and Paige Hill Reception Hall, Kirksville Saloon and the Welcome Center. They’ve found the perfect local celebrity chef, Ranada Riley, to helm Ranada’s – The Bistro at Chenault Vineyards, where every bite of her amazing creations gives you the taste of something pure, local, and ridiculously delicious.

Ed and Becky give this place their all, hoping you will find Chenault Vineyards to be as beautiful and welcoming as they’ve intended it to be.

The Chenault Family has a combined wealth of professional knowledge and experience in multi-family housing, restaurants, and Chenault Vineyards represents the marrying of our complementary talents, in a place we love here in Central Kentucky.




Chenault Vineyards was born from the idea that local husband and wife team Ed and Becky Chenault would create a beautiful destination in the gorgeous rolling Kentucky hills that they could enjoy with their daughters, family and friends and share with the Madison County community. When the former Acres of Land Winery in Richmond became available, the experienced entrepreneurs quickly knew this was that place.

“We chose the Chenault Vineyards to plant our roots for our daughter’s Christina and Samantha along with Christina’s husband Chris also including our grandchildren Blake, Brooke, Bella and Benjamin. We want to continue our passion in giving back to the community for years to come and to be carried on through the generations of our family.”

Located on 470 acres of beautiful Kentucky countryside, Chenault Vineyards is nestled just 30 minutes south of Lexington among the beautiful hills of Richmond, Kentucky, where a very special experience awaits you. Whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind place to take friends and family, a stunning site for your next picnic or party, or an ideal location for your next corporate event or wedding, Chenault Vineyards is the place to leave ordinary behind.

Enjoy the relaxing wine country experience that we have created here in Central Kentucky. Take in the tranquility of our scenic views along with our 3.5-mile walking trail and delicious artisan wines where music, laughter and friends come together.

The warm hospitality and elegant atmosphere will make you feel like kicking back and staying awhile. This is part of our family memory and history, we join you to be a part of it, making your memories and family history here at Chenault Vineyards.

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Executive Chef Ranada Riley is a true Southern born-and-raised chef with talents that emerged as a child while cooking alongside her mother and grandmother. She built her culinary career upon the simple principles she learned from this precious and hard-earned time: connections.

Riley’s flair for the creative, an eye for a pleasing plate, and focus on using local, quality ingredients whenever possible has become her signature. She is open, friendly and honest, and loves to connect with her guests through her food.

“That is what this journey is about for me.  Connecting the dots, learning from mistakes, lifting myself up and those around me in friendship and faith – through food.”

She is at the helm of Ranada’s – The Bistro at Chenault Vineyards, where she has built an eclectic menu featuring an array of local and southern flavors, including made-from-scratch appetizers, sandwiches, soups, salads, entrees and desserts.

“I’m excited to be here at Chenault Vineyards to showcase my signature dishes and design new ones at this beautiful venue,” said Riley. “I’m really enjoying the chance to play in the kitchen more with local foods and cater to our rapidly growing wedding and event clientele.”

Ranada Riley

Ranada’s The Bistro at Chenault Vineyards



Sales and Event Planning

Graduated Summa Cum Laude from University of Kentucky, Elizabeth was born and raised in Lexington KY. With over 15 years’ experience in all aspects of the hospitality industry, she is eager to help plan your next event or wedding and show you all that Chenault Vineyards has to offer.



Executive Sous Chef

Our Executive Sous Chef is responsible to assist the Chef Ranada for overall kitchen operation, ensuring maximum guest satisfaction, through planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the Kitchen operation and administration.



Grounds Manager

Our Grounds manager is responsible for the maintenance and landscaping of outdoor areas and facilities. She coordinates and oversees the work of personnel who care for plants, repair walkways, and oversee landscaping.



Mixologist/Bar Manager

Our Mixologist serves our wines, beer, cocktails and other beverages to our restaurant and bar patrons. He also makes classic drinks and creates new recipes for our signature cocktails. He also is responsible for ensuring that their bars run smoothly and efficiently.



General Manager

Our general manager runs the day-to-day operations of a restaurant, including overseeing personnel, ensuring that the facilities are properly maintained, taking steps to ensure customer satisfaction and overseeing the upkeep of the Bistro and Events.

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