Our Story

It’s a love story really… which is how all good stories begin.

And so it is with Chenault Vineyards—the lovechild of proprietors, and husband and wife team, Becky and Ed Chenault. The Chenault Family has a combined wealth of professional experience in luxury properties and restauranteurs, and Chenault Vineyards represents the marrying of their complementary talents, in a place they love—the rolling green hills of Central Kentucky.

Here they have brought together a team of hospitality pros who share their love of this place. A farm family. A vineyard ripe with people who love people and love what they do—ready to welcome you.

Now, just four years after opening their doors to the public, they strive to find new ways to reinvent the land and its venues to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. They’ve designed a place folks can land and take it easy taking in the beautiful scenery, and enjoying a glass of delicious wine. It’s a stunning choice for a beautiful outdoor wedding or a simple but elegant get-together.

They’ve painstakingly restored the Silver Creek Barn and Paige Hill Reception Hall, Kirksville Saloon and the Welcome Center to their full, beautiful, potential.

Ed and Becky give this place their all, hoping you will find Chenault Vineyards to be as beautiful and welcoming as they’ve intended it to be.