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  • Black Diamond

    $17.00 Select optionsA sweet and fruity blend of Estate grown blackberries and the sweet Diamond grape. Tastes like a fresh sweet and tart Blackberry.
  • Blanc

    $15.00 Select optionsOff dry, crisp white wine. Notes of citrus, green apple, and honeysuckle.
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Red

    $22.00 Select optionsMade using grapes grown in our own vineyard, then aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels for 6 months. Notes of blackcurrant, cherry, and vanilla.
  • Bovine Blush

    $15.00 Select optionsSweet and fruity blush, made from grapes grown right here at our own vineyard. This smooth and easy-to-drink blush has notes of fresh grape, strawberry, and blackberry.
  • Cabernet Franc

    $25.00 Select optionsOur Cabernet Franc is a full-bodied dry red made with grapes imported from Chile. Enjoy notes of black cherry, tobacco, and green bell pepper.
  • Chardonnay

    $17.00 Select optionsAged in new oak to create a dry, buttery, and full-bodied wine.
  • New

    Christina’s Cranberry

    $17.00 Select optionsChristina’s Cranberry wine is a sweet and tart wine made from 100% fresh cranberries.
  • New

    Flower Shop Rosé

    $17.00 Select optionsMade from a blend of Diamond and Concord Grapes. A sip of this refreshing wine will bring your taste buds to life. It’s a good day for a glass of […]
  • Natural Nouveau

    $20.00 Select optionsCompletely naturally fermented light bodied dry red wine made with 100% Estate Grown Chambourcin.
  • Poosey Ridge Peach

    $16.00 Select optionsMade from 100% fresh peaches, this sweet and fruity wine tastes like biting into a fresh Kentucky Peach.
  • Riesling

    $16.00 Select optionsSemi-sweet, refreshing, and easy-to-drink white wine, perfect for any occasion. Notes of nectarine, apple, and pear.
  • Rouge

    $22.00 Select optionsA full-bodied red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. Aged in new oak barrels. Enjoy notes of black currant, dried cherries, and tobacco.
  • Sam’s Fix it Juice

    $15.00 Select optionsOur sweetest and most popular wine. Made from 100% Concord grapes. This wine tastes like a fresh grape picked from the vine.
  • Spiced Apple

    $16.00 Select optionsSweet wine made from Kentucky grown apples.
  • Sundy Best

    $16.00 Select optionsSweet white wine made from 100% Niagara grapes. Tastes like fresh white grape juice.